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Here you can find all publications of Plateforme Traite. Printed versions can be ordered on request: info(at)

Flyer “Do you need help?”

The flyer contains 18 languages and is aimed at alleged victims of human trafficking. It is folded (A6) and can also be used as a poster (A2).

Alternative-Report for GRETA, 2023

Plateforme Traite has written an NGO shadow report for GRETA that reflects the experiences of victim protection organizations and outlines the biggest problems in victim protection for trafficked persons.

Brochure “What is human trafficking?”, 2022

Victims of human trafficking need help from other people to be able to free themselves from exploitative situations. It is therefore very important that as many people know what the characteristics of human trafficking are and where presumed victims can get support.

In this brochure, you will find information on the definition of human trafficking and its manifestations, as well as concrete tips on what you can do if you come into contact with a you come into contact with a suspected victim of human trafficking.

Booklet “Unworthy Work”, 2021

There is still little knowledge about human trafficking for labor exploitatio. Survivors are often not recognised as victims by the authorities. But even if a person has been identified as a victim of trafficking by a specialised victim protection organisation, there are various stumbling blocks that make access to victims rights more difficult.

Nevertheless, thanks to successful cooperation between the authorities and the specialised victim counselling centres, human trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation is discovered time and again and the persons concerned are valued. This booklet presents positive practical examples.

Booklet “together against human trafficking”, 2020

This brochure tells stories of those affected and the problems they face here in Switzerland when they break out of the exploitative situation.

Pictures for media professionals

Would you like to publish an image on the topic of human trafficking? We have a selection of images that we provide for free.

Woman standing in front of a blind and looking outside

If you are interested in one or several images, please contact us: info(at)

Further pictures are provided by FIZ.

Explanatory video “What is human trafficking?

Plateforme Traite has translated a video made by the Finnish organisation Pro-Tukipiste for educational purposes. It explains quickly and clearly how human trafficking works. Feel free to share the video.