Statistics on victims of trafficking 2022

On October 18, the European Day against Trafficking in Human Beings, Plateforme Traite presented the latest figures on victims of human trafficking on a national level. The statistics of Plateforme Traite refer to persons whom the four specialized agencies have directly counseled and identified as victims of human trafficking.

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ASYL magazine on victims of human trafficking

The latest issue of ASYL, the Swiss Journal of Asylum Law and Practice, is dedicated to the topic of protecting victims of human trafficking in asylum. The Plateforme Traite and its members have published several articles on this subject. Some articles are published in French and some in German.

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Alternative Report for GRETA 2023

Plateforme Traite has written an NGO shadow report for GRETA that reflects the experiences of victim protection organizations and outlines the biggest problems in victim protection for trafficked persons.

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Brochure “What is human trafficking?”, 2022

Victims of human trafficking need help from other people to be able to free themselves from exploitative situations. It is therefore very important that as many people know what the characteristics of human trafficking are and where presumed victims can get support. In this brochure, you will find information on…

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