Focal point

Eliminate cantonal differences

The commitment of the cantons is crucial to ensure that all victims of human trafficking are identified and receive specialised support, secure accommodation, counselling and professional assistance. By signing the European Convention on Human Trafficking, Switzerland is obliged to guarantee the rights of victims and the implementation of the measures stipulated in the Convention throughout its territory.

Each canton can decide for itself whether a cooperation body against human trafficking exists, how it sets up cooperation between the actors and how it organises and finances victim protection. As a result, victim protection and criminal prosecution function very well in some cantons, and specialised bodies are set up and financed in some cantons, but hardly at all in others.

The Council of Europe’s “Group of experts on action against human trafficking” GRETA also criticised these problems several times in the last two evaluations.

Recommendations of the Plateforme Traite:

  1. Cooperation mechanisms in all cantons

    In all cantons (or in cantonal associations), roundtable discussions are needed with the participation of all relevant parties, clear mandates from those involved and defined procedures for cooperation, so that identification, support and victim protection are guaranteed for all forms of human trafficking and for all victims.

  2. Specialised victim counselling and accommodation in all cantons
    In all cantons, victims of human trafficking must have access to specialised counselling and safe accommodation run by an organisation specialised in the protection of victims of trafficking.

  3. Involvement of organisations specialised in the protection of human trafficking victims
    In all cases and in all cantons, it must be ensured that organisations specialised in victim protection are involved as early as possible in the identification, counselling and care of presumed victims of human trafficking, guaranteeing the uniformity and professional quality of care.

  4. Switzerland-wide standards for victim protection
    Uniform standards of assistance and protection for victims are needed throughout Switzerland to guarantee the same rights and specialised support for all victims.

  5. Recognition and public funding of professional organisations
    Organisations specialising in victim protection need to be officially recognised and adequately funded.